Project pipelines

Dean Turpin

Sat Nov 25 10:52:56 UTC 2023

Tech quote of the day via OpenAI:

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs


  1. C++ concurrency support library
  2. Discrete Fourier transforms in C++23 – Fourier analysis without 3rd-party libraries
  3. C++ recipes
  4. Trading strategy backtester (stock/crypto)
  5. Exploring the FIX protocol
  6. Teach yourself C++ in 45 years – training material complemented by the OpenAI API


  1. OpenAI sandbox
  2. Command line OpenAI wrapper


  1. Command line hearing test
  2. pjsip built using cmake’s ExternalProject


  1. Online logbook – using GitBook
  2. Static website generator – a one line website generator (maybe two)
  3. Check my websites are up – top level domain topology
  4. GitLab CI pipelines – this web page


  1. Haskell energy usage calculations
  2. Curated list of tech quotes
  3. Skills timeline generator in R
  4. Blender renders
  5. Watchmaking resources
  6. Building projects
  7. Airbnb landing page
  8. Brighton recommendations

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